Roti Kapda aur Makaan
/2015-07-14 13:19:24
Shweta Jain

What does one need for survival? Bollywood very easily told us that all we need is ” Roti, Kapda aur Makaan”

This 1974 movie demonstrated the need to have these 3 aspects in place. For all those who haven’t seen this iconic Hindi movie, here is a brief, but slightly altered version. Today, let’s focus on some of the problems in this movie that could have been solved if they had planned their finances.

  1. After their father’s retirement, it falls upon Manoj Kumar to support his family. He has two younger brothers who attend college and a sister old enough to get married.
  2. Although Manoj Kumar himself is a college graduate, he is unable to find employment and works as a singer for a meager pay.
  3. His girlfriend gets increasingly frustrated at his ineptitude and soon begins to work for a rich businessman. It doesn’t take her very long to develop an interest in his wealth for she can’t contemplate a life of poverty
  4. Manoj Kumar finally finds a job as a builder but soon loses it after the government takes over the building site, thereby escalating his financial problems.
  5. After losing the love of his life, Manoj Kumar also loses his father, an event that leaves him devastated. In a fit of fury, Bharat burns his diploma on his father’s funeral pyre.
  6. After this, their sister also finds a suitor but they have no money to arrange the wedding

The movie also touches upon the problems of inflation in one of the songs. There were problems, but they could have easily been fixed with simple measures of:

  1. Goal Planning – Education , retirement and marriage
  2. Retirement Planning – Setting aside expenses for the family
  3. Insurance Planning – for in preparation for an eventuality that couldn’t be avoided
  4. Estate Planning – creating important funds, and nominating/ assigning them to the right beneficiary

These are not problems / issues restricted to 1974. Similar problems persist even 40 years later but the solutions in these times are much easier. All one needs is a little thought and an efficient advisor!