About EquallyYours

#EquallyYours – because it is equally your money, equally your decision and it impacts you equally. Whether you are a homemaker, a single woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter or a friend, this is the time to take control of your finances, be more aware and become an investor too.
With the EquallyYours movement, our aim is to spread the message that it is equally important to support and engage not just the women, but also the men. A call to women to be more involved when it comes to their finances and for men to involve the women in their lives in managing money.


How We Help

Workshops for Men & Women

Workshops for Men focus on how you can involve your partner in financial planning while highlighting the differences in investing styles between men & women.

Workshops for Women focus on investing concepts and ways to invest properly by understanding their needs and lifestyle.

One-On-One Counselling

This is a free service where we offer highly personalized guidance. Keep in mind that we do not push products or our sevices in this 30 minute session, so be prepared to talk about your issues and receive direct answers to your immediate needs from our experts.

Somewhat difficult questions

We facilitate discussions around managing money better as a family.


We keep it simple

We explain in simple terminology

It is our job to speak your language and not the other way around. We don’t expect you to become financial experts overnight and are here to take you through the process from A to Z.

We are here to help YOU

Our solutions are completely customized

There is no set formula for giving financial advice. The needs of one family or an individual vary drastically from the needs of another. We are here to get to know you and understand your money personalities to find an investing style that suits you best. Write to us today to schedule a workshop, a 1:1 session or to ask us any difficult questions you may have.


Personalized and customized service all the way, IMMPL offers you:
Proactive Decision Making

We never push or impose any products or services onto you. The decision on where and how to invest is entirely yours. We work to help YOU CHOOSE what is right for you.

Better Savings

By analyzing your past spending trends, we advise you on how and where you can cut costs. We help you curb your spending on unnecessary expenses, while not drastically altering your lifestyle.

Better for Kids

We help you plan for the future based on your child’s needs and desires. That Ivy League University or gap year abroad that your child might want down the line is definitely not out of reach if you plan well in advance.

Safety and Security

We plan for your future goals while assessing any and all risks that may arise in the current financial climate. We weigh all options and analyse the market trends to gove you the best advice possible.

Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to go on a foreign holiday every year? Save up for a new house? We help you with your savings plans with the sole intention of achieving your financial goals. Start saving on your own terms.

More Control, Less Worry

We keep in mind what is best for you and your loved ones by planning ahead for risks or eventualities. From health insurance to life insurance, we make sure you are always in control and ready for anything.

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