Our Services

IMMPL advises, manages and reviews all aspects of your financial portfolio including investments, taxes, insurance protection, retirement needs and will preparation. We closely monitor market changes and tailor financial plans that maximize the growth on your savings and investments while protecting you against risk.

At IMMPL, We understand that different people have different needs. We provide financial advice that is best suited to the client based on their preferences. Our research team studies various industrial sectors, compares investment options like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and monitors global economic policies to give you an edge over financial obstacles. Our primary focus will always be on helping you achieve your goals while we deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout your financial journey with us. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to reducing your costs and improving your investment performance.

Square Feet

Real estate is not just about buying a piece of land. It's about having a place that you can call home. At Square Feet, we understand this well because it resonates with our belief that every square feet matters.

Planning and executing real estate related transactions can be a tedious process but that's where we come in! We will research the best options, work out your budget, negotiate with the seller, coordinate with lawyers on agreements, get bank loans and registrations on your behalf while you can make the big decisions.

We also provide property management services such as setting up a rent for tenants and its maintenance, sale of property, aligning price points, finding suitable buyers, handling legal documents and tax aspects of the transactions.