Jishnu Dasgupta - The Richer Life Season 1 Episode 1

Financial planning is for people who want to pursue their passion and make their dreams come true. Watch Jishnu Dasgupta, Swarathma's Bass Guitarist and a Marketing Consultant speak about his experience of making his money work for him.



We have always chosen intent and perseverance in helping our clients meet their objectives. Over time we have dealt with individuals and families, who made choices which changed the course of their life, sometimes they've been easy but more often than not they have been inspiring.
These stories tell us that a richer life means more than just having the money to live it. But in the same breath, how it means letting your financial health help you live fuller. Find out what it takes to live a richer life, through the stories of real people, our clients. It remains our priority to help our clients meet their goals, with a focus on their unfolding life story and help them travel the course of their financial journey.

IMMPL presents to you, The Richer Life, some of our clients sharing their stories with you.