Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual:

  • He/She doesn’t have to be earning (we have some young individuals as clients who invest their savings from birthday presents).
  • He/She doesn’t need big earnings. Our focus is on an “Individual” and not ‘HNI’. We have clients who have just started their careers to clients who are retired.

Simple, just send a mail to info@immpl.com and we will send you a checklist with a schedule of our services and charges and we can get started.

International Money Matters is a financial advisory business, which helps individuals define their financial objectives, works out a financial plan to meet these objectives, and then executes and manages this plan.

Updated statements on Insurance (Unit Linked), Mutual Fund and Equity portfolios are sent on a monthly basis. However, these can be also be provided at any point, on request.

When you become an International Money Matters client, we would review the investments that you already have and advise you on whether to hold or sell specific schemes. Thereafter, we would monitor and update you on these along with your new investments.

At International Money Matters, we look at various factors while selecting schemes for a particular portfolio such as:

    • Your personal goals – If your goals require an aggressive portfolio, the schemes we select will reflect this.
    • Your personal preferences – You may not want to invest in say Tobacco companies or because of the company you work for, they may be a conflict in investing in competitor companies and hence we will keep away from funds which are invested in such companies.
    • Your risk appetite – Your willingness to invest in more volatile or aggressive schemes, this is also assessed with a risk profiling that we ensure is done for all clients.
    • Diversification – The portfolio needs to be well diversified without heavy exposure to any sector or market cap, unless that is doing well at that particular time. Care will have to be taken to reduce such exposure when this does not hold true.
    • Scheme Attributes – Objectives of the schemes; sectors and companies it plans to invest in, track record over markets ups and downs.
    • Fund Manager – His past track record, views and philosophy
    • Fund House – Philosophy, credibility and track record.
Earnings From Mutual Funds
Scheme Type Trail 1st Yr P.A. Trail 2nd Yr Onwards P.A.
Liquid and Floating Schemes 0.20%-0.30% 0.20%-0.30%
Ultra short Term Schemes 0.10%-0.75% 0.10%-0.75%
Short Term Schemes 0.30%-1.15% 0.30%-1.15%
Medium Term/Long/Dynamic Bond 0.40%-1.25% 0.40%-1.25%
Gilt Schemes 0.10%-0.75% 0.10%-0.50%
Arbitrage Funds 0.45%-0.70% 0.45%-0.70%
Fund of Funds 0.90%-1.10% 0.90%-1.10%
ELSS 0.80% -1.75% 0.80% -1.75%
Equity & Balanced 0.10%-1.80% 0.10%-1.80%
Hybrid 0.65%-1.65% 0.65%-1.65%

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