Our Humble Achievements

With competence being one of our three key pillars, we at IMMPL have always strived to provide our clients with the very best financial advice that they can get.

Needless to say, we’ve won our fair share of awards since our inception, be it the recognition of our unmatched service from the industry, or the numerous financial planning competitions our certified financial advisors have won.


Everyone has goals set out for themselves and money can either be an obstacle or an access to those goals. With IMMPL, you will have a financial expert as a trusted friend by your side to count on while you make the journey forward. We go beyond the financial portfolio and dive deep into the heart of the matter to make it happen.

We firmly believe that transparency is a pre-requisite for any lasting relationship and the more we know each other, the better our chances of success. We keep you fully informed through financial planning and transactions, every step along the way. So why choose us you ask? Because we're the expert with a heart!



Outlook Money Award 2018

Registered Investment Advisor Silver Winner


Plan Plus Global Financial Planning Awards 2018

Winner Asia Region


Outlook Money Awards 2017

Winner Registered Investment Advisor Category


Outlook Money Awards 2016

Best Financial Advisor - Runner Up


Outlook Money Awards 2015

Best Investment Advisor


UTI MF & CNBC 18’s Financial Advisor Awards 2014 – 2015

Best Performing Regional Advisor (South)


Money Today FPCIL Awards for Financial Excellence 2014

Institutional Financial Planner of the Year, Runner up

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