Financial Freedom for Smarter Workforce

Contribute towards your team’s financial well-being which goes beyond giving salaries; connect with us to co-create a Financial Freedom Program for your organization.


Enabling Your Workforce

Personalized Attention

Help employees achieve their financial goals with our unwavering support. On-demand mobile and email consultations for all staff guarantees that every financial query is answered in a way that leaves them more informed and empowered.

Facilitating A Change

Our goal is to provide working professionals with the financial knowledge and tools they need to be stress-free, financially, and allows them to be more productive at work. With onsite consultations and richness workshops, we can help drive a significant change in organisational efficiency.

Unprecedented Expertise

We have worked with over 9000 professionals across 50 companies and held more than 200 sessions that have helped them lead better lives, both professionally and in their personal lives as well.

Our Approach

At IMMPL, we strongly believe that people are the biggest strength of every organization. A Financial Freedom Program enables an employer to empower their employees on financial wellness through unbiased personal guidance. This not only brings deeper employee engagement but also reduces financial stress which ultimately results in happier and more focused workforce.

Each and every client we serve, is provided with a customized program that is tailored to fit their organizational and their employees personal needs. Our philosophy is simple – to enable you in providing a seamless financial journey to your team.

Our Corporate Offering


Email & Phone Support


Onsite Consultation


Financial Sessions


Richness Workshops


Making Financial Plans


Financial Transitions Consulting

Our Other Services

Deeper Insights

Need a little more clarity on what we can do for you? Here are a few resources to help you out.

Here’s How It Works

Discovery Meeting

We look forward to understand the values of your organization and give you more clarity on how exactly we can help you

Customized Offering

We assimilate the information provided by you and create a personalized program for your organization

Experience Program

We run a pilot program with key stake holders to make them experience the value they are creating for their workforce


We introduce the program to the entire workforce and begin their journey toward Financial independence

Maintenance & Review

We monitor the impact this program creates and provide insightful quarterly and annual reports about the things that really mattered

Start Your Journey

Lay the foundation for a financially empowered workforce. Get in touch with a certified financial planner today.